A complete dashboard for your balancing steps: from real time 1X acquisition to correction recommendations all the way to the report.

  • Only one solution

    The same solution combines Single, Dual as well as Multiple plane balancing situations: allowing to comply with rigid as well as flexible rotors applications.

  • Efficient visualization

    One convenient tool is the capacity to visualize the measured vs admissible vibration as well as the measured vs admissible imbalance: in real time and directly in the polar diagram. It’s that easy to check that your objective is reached!

  • Amplitude and phase

    The new interface features, on top, the capacity to monitor the 1X amplitude and phase in real time during transients. It allows checking the presence of resonances which can be really useful for troubleshooting purposes.

  • Based on OROS instruments

    As always, the Balancing 2022 solution is based on OROS instruments and their capacities to provide an undisputed order tracking analysis performance and precision whatever one deals with low or high rotating speeds.


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Reliable data from the first acquisition for high precision measurements.

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